Engineers Licensing

This section has been designed as a single point to assist Aircraft Engineers and those involved with aircraft engineering by providing a detailed guidance to existing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licensing requirements. Comprehensive information on the implementation of MCAR-66, conversion of MAR D02 licences to MCAR-66 and details on the addition of type rating to an existing licence are given in the Guidance Documents. In addition please find the required forms and the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Log Book.

It is recommended that you take a quick look at our FAQ or the Engineers Licensing Guidence Document (ELGD) before contacting us since they cover almost every aspect of licensing.

Aircraft Maintenance Training Schools

Maldives CAA accepts, for the purpose of issuing a Maldivian Aircraft Maintenance License, MCAR-147 aircraft maintenance courses conducted by a school approved by the Maldives CAA or Part-147 aircraft maintenance courses conducted by a school approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) or a National Aviation Authority of an EU Member State. 

MCAR-66 Module 13 Exams

From the 18 of November 2021, MCAR- 66 Module 13 exam will be split into 2 shorter exams.
Module 13A
Questions – 100
Duration -125 minutes (2hrs 05m)

Module 13B
Questions – 80
Duration -100 minutes (1 hr 40m)

• A pass is required in both Module 13A and Module 13B to gain a full Module 13 pass.
• Each module will cover specific Syllabus areas and Topics.
• Part Modules can be booked separately and in any order.
• A full exam fee is payable for each part module.