Rules & Regulations

The links below will take you to a web page for each Rule. For upcoming regulations visit the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) page.

Primary Legislation & Conventions

Maldives Civil Aviation Authority Act (Act No: 2/2012)

Primary legislation that established the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority and defines its powers and responsibilities.

Maldives Civil Aviation Act (Act No: 2/2001)

Primary legislation on operation of aircraft, operation of aerodromes and other matters relating to safety of civil aviation in the Maldives.


List of International treaties in the field of civil aviation ratified by the Republic of Maldives.


Maldivian Civil Aviation Regulations (MCAR)

New regulations aimed at harmonising with international standards and to ultimately replace CARs and MARs.

Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR)

Regulations governing any instrument of authorisation issued, published or granted by the Chief Executive.

Maldivian Airworthiness Requirements (MARs)

Minimum requirements in the fields of intial airworthiness and continuing airwothiness of civil registered aircraft.

Air Transport Regulations

Regulations governing air transport sales and passenger charter operations in the Maldives.


Exemptions to any regulation issued by the CAA.


Air Safety Circulars

Supplements to safety regulations that provide information and examples on how to comply with the related regulation.

Air Transport Circulars

Supplements to air transport regulations that provide information and examples on how to comply with the related regulation.

Personnel Licensing Manual

General rules relating to the licensing of Flight Crew, Flight Dispatchers, Aircraft Engineers, and Air Traffic Controllers.

Civil Aviation Advisory Publications (CAAPS)

CAAP 65-1

Manual of Standards for Air Traffic Controller Licensing

CAAP 66-1

Engineering Licensing Guidance Document


Acceptable means of compliance (amc) and Guidance Material (GM)


Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to MCAR-ATCO.MED