Notice: Working hours for CAA from the 9th December 2014 to 12th December 2014 is 1000hrs to 1300hrs.

Regulatory excellence in aviation safety and security

Aircrafts from different Operators

Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was established by the Parliament under Act No.02/2012 on 11th January 2012. The CAA aims to develop and administer policies and regulations to ensure safe, secure, orderly and economic development of aviation in the Maldives.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) places great emphasis on adopting highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. Our vision is to achieve regulatory excellence in aviation safety and security through a well motivated work force.

The main tasks of CAA are setting up national safety standards which are compliant with international standards; economic and safety regulation through regulation of airports, air traffic services and airlines.

Frequent Downloads

Laser Light Awareness (PDF, 450KB)

MCAR - 187 - Aviation Charges (PDF, 361KB)

Aircraft Register - Civil aircraft currently registered in the Maldives (PDF, 32KB)

ELGD - Engineer Licence Guidance Document (PDF, 488KB)

CAD Form 19E - MCAR-66 Exam Application Form (PDF, 54KB)

CAD OPS-05 - Application for issue of CPL (PDF, 24KB)

RoadMap to MCAR - 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (PDF, 1.8MB)

ELT Regsiter (PDF, XLS)

AOC Process Flow Chart

NEWS & Announcements

Conditions for the conversion of Existing Licences for Pilots News:1st EASA Part Air Operation & Aircrew work group opening meeting, 22 Nov 2015.
News:Hazard Identification & Risk Management - Industry Session I, Training was held in Faculty of Health Sciences Seminar Room B, from 13th - 15th Sep 2015. The traning program was conducted by Mr. Richard Nesbitt, 16th September 2015.
News:IATA Training was held in Maldives National University, from 23rd Aug - 03rd Sep 2015. The traning program was conducted by IATA Consultants Mr Guy Brazeau and Mr. Richard Lanthier, 03rd September 2015.
News:Wildlife Hazard Management Training Program was held in Faculty of Health & Science Seminar room, from 23rd - 26th Aug 2015. The traning program was conducted by Mr. Albert de Hoon from Ciconia Aviation Services, 27 August 2015.
News:Implement of Economic Regulatory Framework in Maldives - Training Program 23 August 2015.
Job Vacancy:(IUL)201-A1/2015/9 13 August 2015.
Press Release:201-ASD-A1/PR/2015/04 12 August 2015.
Press Release:201-ASD-D/PR/2014/03 09 August 2015.
Bid Annoucement:(IUL)201-B/1/2015/10 11 August 2015.
MCAR-66 Examination: Time Table 09 August 2015.
Press Release : Trans Maldivian Airways Aircraft 8Q-MAN Accident Media Briefing, 07 July 2015.
Press Release : Trans Maldivian Airways Aircraft 8Q-MAN Accident, 02 July 2015.

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